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Energi Air Source Heat Pump 


£1,895.00 includes standard delivery and fitting


The Air Source Heat Pump takes the energy out of the air and gives it to the swim spa or hot tub or swimming pool using electricity. This means there is a larger amount of electricity produced than used. Making an Air Source Heat Pump up to 75% more energy efficient than standard heating options. 


The carbon footprint of the hot tub, swim spa or swimming pool are reduced, which is good for the environment. 


The Energi Air Source Heat Pump is IPX4 rated, this means they can withstand the UK climate, come rain or shine. 


Energi's 8KW is packed full of beneficial features. It uses inverter technology meaning it can adjust its heating capacity between 20% to 100% depending on the heating demand. The Energi air source heat pump has a titanium heat exchanger, r32 eco- friendly refrigerant and is extremely quiet.


General Data


* Power Supply: 220~240v/1/50 

* Max Power Input (Kw): 1.55

* Max Current (A):7.3

* Water Flow Volume (M3/H):2.5

* Water Connection: 1.5 Inch Female Socket

* Refrigeration: R32

* Heat Exchanger: Titanium

* Air Flow Direction: Horizontal

* Kind of Defrost: By 4 Way Valve

* Working Temp. Range ('C): -15~43

* Water Temp. Range Under Heating ('C): 8#40

* Casing Material: ABS

* Waterproof Level: IPX4

* Noise Level Db(A) 10m: 20~29

* Net Weight (Kg): 42

* Net Dimensions (mm): 836 (L) x 423(W) x 591 (H)


  • Heating Capacity at Air 26?

    Heating Capacity (kW): 7.6~1.7

    Power Input (kW): 1.12~0.11

    COP: 15.8~6.8

  • Heating Capacity at Air 15?

    Heating Capacity (kW): 6.1~1.4

    Power Input (kW): 1.24~0.18

    COP: 7.6~4.9

  • Heating Capacity at Air 2?

    Heating Capacity (kW): 4.9~1.2

    Power Input (kW): 1.26~0.17

    COP: 7.1~3.8

  • Cooling Capacity at Air 35?

    Cooling Capacity (kW): 4.2~1.0

    Power Input (kW): 1.11~0.15

    COP: 6.6~3.8



Frequently Asked Questions 


How much will I save?


The average customer will save 60-70% on your hot tub or swim spa running costs!!


Will the heat pump work all year round?


Yes, Energi Heat Pumps are all season, this means they will still work and produce heat in temperatures as low as -15'c


Will an air source heat pump work on my hot tub or swim spa? 


Yes, Energi Heat Pumps are designed to work with most brands of hot tub and swim spas. 


Are Energi Heat Pumps loud?


We don't think so, why not visit us and see ours running and listen. All Energi Air Source Heat Pumps can run as quietly as 20Db which is like someone whispering from five feet away. 


Will a Heat Pump help reduce my carbon footprint?


Yes, simply put using an air source heat pump will help reduce your carbon footprint. This is because, for example, heat pump will only use 1 unit of power but gives 10 units of heat. 


Can I control my heat pump when I'm away from it?


Yes, all Energi Heat Pumps have a built in Wifi support, meaning that it can be connected to tuya smart app and controlled through your phone anywhere in the world. 


Benefits of investing in an Air Source Heat Pump 


* Very low running costs compared to traditional heating method. 

* Energi Heat Pumps can either run from the power directly from your hot tub / swim spa or from a 13Amp plug. 

* Simple operation, not many moving parts, very low ongoing maintenance costs. 

* Smart technology means it only heats when it's required and only uses energy required to maintain the required temperature, making it very efficient. 

* Less impact on the environment modern pumps with R32 refrigeration have much less impact on the planet. 

* Able to produce heat down to -15'C

* Flexible application can be used for both Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

* All Energi Heat Pumps include WIFI meaning you can adjust the temperature from anywhere in the world. 


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